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Advocacy in Medicine: Achieving Equity for Patients and Physicians with Disabilities

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Advocacy in Medicine: Achieving Equity for Patients and Physicians with Disabilities
Brought to you by the SGIM Health Equity Commission.
Originally recorded on April 18, 2023.

Course description
People with disabilities experience health and healthcare disparities as well as workforce under-represenation. In the form of a moderated 45-minute discussion, three physician panelists will address experiences and data around the health of and advocacy for patients and clinicians with disabilities. Areas of focus will include a) how physicians can approach working with patients with disabilities (Dr. Tara Lagu); b) the workforce of physicians and other health professionals with disabilities (Dr. Chris Moreland); and c) curricula to teach medical students and other trainees about disabilities (Dr. Dorothy Tolchin).

This webinar explains the time and problem criteria required to bill for asynchronous patient care through the portal, and details on how to begin this on an individual, clinic, or institutional level, and barriers that have to be overcome. The webinar recording will review potential future directions for asynchronous care including remove physiologic mentoring. The presenters will share their experiences as portal care leaders in their own clinical groups.
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