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Caring for Patients Experiencing Homelessness during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed new challenges in caring for an already vulnerable population --persons who experience homelessness. How can we prevent infection and treat patients who do not have homes in which to quarantine? National expert-clinicians discuss their experiences, barriers, and innovations in serving homeless patients in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Denver.


  • Lillian Gelberg, MD, MSPH, Professor of Family Medicine, Greater Los Angeles VA, University of California Los Angeles
  • Margot Kushel, MD, Professor of Medicine, University of California San Francisco
  • Sarah Stella, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado
This webinar was developed and sponsored by the SGIM Health Equity Commission and was originally delivered on November 19, 2020. 

We have divided the webinar recordings into small sections for ease of listening; however, we believe the recordings are most impactful when they are watched together, in sequence.

There is no CME offered for this activity.