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Hospital Medicine Keynote 2021: Rebecca Harrison: Healing Hospital Medicine Through the Growth Mindset

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Healing Hospital Medicine Through the Growth Mindset: Creating a Collective Culture Where We All Thrive

We are the culture and We control what we value. The SGIM21 Distinguished Professor in Hospital Medicine, Dr. Rebecca Harrison, from Oregon Health & Science University, will call to those within our health care institutions to practice in a growth mindset, moving from comfort and fear to learning and growth in order to create broad cultural changes in medicine, so all can flourish. Through a personal story, we will explore how the medical training culture is often more of a fixed-mindset experience, and emphasize the critical importance of maintaining purpose in sustaining and growing oneself. This talk will review some consequences of “othering” that contribute to non-inclusive learning and health care culture. We will explore mental health stigma and the need for self-compassion, particularly in the era of COVID-19. We will discuss Diversity Equity and Inclusion, anti-racist practices, and understanding whiteness, as well as how White Affinity Anti-racist Groups are one strong solution for powerful change. A story on humanizing the health care system will be shared. Reclaiming what we may have lost along the way is an invitation for all of us to bring our full selves to medicine with profound possibilities to change our lives and develop ourselves in a culture where we all can thrive.

CEU Available:  1.0 CME; 1.0 MOC
CEU Expires:  April 30, 2024

To receive CME/MOC credit, you must (a) watch the video and (b) complete the short assessment. After these two steps are completed, you will receive a certificate.